Payment options

Customers may pay for our English courses in the following ways:

  1. Direct payments using their debit/credit card (without the need to make any kind of registration). Choose this option and you will be directed to a secure webpage where you fill in the needed transaction information. Currently, the accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. We are about to confirm the availability of American Express any time soon. 
  2. PayPal - PayPal is a safe and secure method to pay online meaning you can purchase your English course without worrying. In order to do so customers should have already established or set up an account in PayPal. PayPal process most major credit/debit cards and once you have an account you can easily pay. 

Either method you choose (direct payment with credit/debit card or PayPal) we receive an instant confirmation for successful transaction. That instant confirmation corresponds with our system an your course is made available to you immediately.

Watch our sample video on how to pay for the courses

What you get for the money

When you choose to buy either the Business or General English Courses you receive access to all levels included within that particular course. For example, if you purchase the 3-month General English Course, for this period of 3 months you will have full and unlimited access to all 6 study levels – Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate and Advanced. Each of the levels is made up of 10 units with 4 lessons each. Video lessons and all exercises are available for multiple taking. Watch our sample video to learn more.

Video lessons

All lessons are recorded and uploaded to the system. Video lessons are divided into two parts – Reading comprehension with exercises and Grammar with exercises. When you start the video, in the bottom right corner of the video frame there is an option to play it Full screen (See the picture below). If the video doesn’t start, this could be because of your browser, please change your browser and try once again. If you experience any problems please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

English video lesson full screen


After completing a course you can produce and receive an electronic certificate. To produce the certificate you need to go to the “My Courses” menu and on the right side of the table with your courses there will be a button “Produce a certificate”. If this button is not present, it means that one or more of the lessons included in this course have not been covered. You may save the certificate in pdf format on your computer and print it.

Note: The certificate is produced only once. So, if you intend to continue working on that particular course, please do not produce the certificate until you have finished the course.

Course expiration

The 3-month course expires in 92 days while the 1-year plan expires in 365 days. After that period students will not have access to the study material but will have access to all results and certificates. You may continue your course by buying a new plan.

Access from mobile devices and study on the go

Our website and study platform are developed to meet the needs of the modern customer. Both video lessons and follow-up lessons are available for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone (Android or iOS). We do recommend however, that you watch the video lessons using Wi-Fi and not your mobile data package. That allows you to take a lesson or two during boring everyday activities such as commuting, lunch breaks or waiting in queues etc.

Access from different browsers

Our website and study platform are both tested with the most popular Internet Browsers – Internet Explorer (9 or newer version), Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. We recommend that lessons are taken using these browsers. As the whole platform is web-based there can be small variations in how the site is displayed and to a lesser extent in the functionality of the system. Problems in functionality may be expected after browser updates. We recommend changing your browser if problems in functionality are found. We also encourage you to write to us with more details of the problem in order for us to assist.

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