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9 English idioms for everyday use

Having taught English for more than 5 years, I often have to explain idioms and fixed expressions to my students. With the time I have come to realize that some of them will never be used outside the classroom or during an exam.

Others seem to be really useful and can make even not such a confident speaker of English sound more fluent. So here are some idioms and phrases that will definitely make a difference when speaking English in informal situations.

A Piece of Cake
A Piece of Cake. English idioms for everyday use.

Instead of saying that something is easy and simple to do you may want to say: “it’s a piece of cake”. It’s a pretty common phrase and everybody appears to be using it these days so you should also give it a try.

When telling a particularly long story because you are getting tired or your friends are getting bored and you want to get to the end and spare a few details you may say: “To cut a long story short” and then finish with what actually happened. Use this next time you are telling a story in English.

When you want to say that something is exactly the opposite of something else say “It’s the other way round”. For example, somebody says “The Sun goes around the Earth” and somebody else corrects them by saying “No, it’s the other way round”. Continue reading 9 English idioms for everyday use

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