Learn English using a daily study plan

Do you find that your English study is haphazard and lacks any kind of focus or organisation and that as a result, you are not making the progress which you had expected? If so, you should think about making a clearly defined study plan…..and sticking to it.

Everyone has different needs and different amounts of time to devote to study, so it will be impossible to make a plan which will be suitable for everyone, but what I would like to do here is to give you some ideas which you can adapt to your needs and circumstances.

Learn English using a daily study plan

Very important though is that when you make your plan, don’t be too ambitious and set unrealistic targets for yourself. For example, don’t make a plan which involves 3 hours study per day if you know that you are not going to do it – you will end up becoming demotivated, and maybe not doing anything. Remember, a plan which involves 20 minutes study per day, which you actually do, is better than a 3 hour plan which you never do!

So, for the purposes of this exercise, I am assuming that I am making a plan for a high school student with one hour free time, five times a week. English activities can be mixed and matched from the list below to make up the one hour. Try and have a set time each day reserved for study English but, be flexible.

Learn English Using a Daily Study Plan
This is a sample daily study plan to learn English or any other language.

5 minutes review English vocab/grammar from previous day

5 minutes review English vocab/grammar from one day of the previous week

15 minutes reading (check out our previous post about English reading sources) and noting new vocabulary (again, set a realistic target for new words each day – 3 new words a day will be 15 a week and 780 a year)

15 minutes listening in English (check out our previous post about English listening sources) again noting new vocab

15 minutes English grammar (can be from an online source or your own text book if you have one)

15 minutes writing in English (have you been given writing homework, but do not usually do it? 15 minutes should be enough to write about 150 words. Schedule some time and do it! It will pay off in the long term)

10 minutes speaking in English ( I realise that this may be difficult if you study alone, but try and make at least 10 minutes a day to speak with fellow English learners or find a chat partner on Skype or some other English language exchange site.)

It is important to remember that you do not have to do one hour of continuous study – you could do two half hour sessions for example. You do not have to study at home – you can listen whilst working out at the gym or whilst travelling to school on the bus and speaking could be whenever the opportunity arises.

One final word is, be disciplined…..if you miss one day of study, it is very easy to miss the next day too…and then those two days turn into a missed week……and you do not want this to happen…if you want to be the best you can be, it means….hard work!

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