English course for Russian speaking students

English course for Russian speaking students

When creating www.LanguageBox.co, our goal was to make learning English easy and accessible to people from all over the world. However, we did realize that sometimes it’s rather difficult for learners with little or no knowledge of the target language to be taught English through English. Quite often, in fact, this type of learning seems to be utterly impossible.

How are students supposed to know what the teacher is explaining if they don’t know a single word of English? The total immersion method might be applicable in a conventional classroom but it’s quite hard to employ it in our online learning environment. This method may put students off learning the language and we don’t want that… So we had a problem.

What we did was to sit down and discuss the matter with our teachers and methodologists. The decision we reached was to record the content we had developed not only with native speakers of English but also with professional English teachers who teach English through their native language. This is how the Russian version of the course was developed. We worked with a Russian lady who is a professional English teacher and who lives in the USA. She recorded the first two levels of the course – Beginner and Elementary, using Russian to explain all the tricky parts of English basic grammar and vocabulary.

As a result, Russian-speaking people can benefit from a course customized for their specific needs. In addition, we have a Russian version of the website, which guarantees fast and easy access to the course for everyone whose mother tongue is Russian or who speaks it as a first or second language. We have been receiving a lot of encouraging feedback and a Russian-speaking friend of mine assures me that to him Learning English through Russian has never been so easy… Knowing how much hard work we had to put in makes me willing to believe him.

Anyway, our next goal is to come up with a Spanish version of the course and as I am writing this my colleagues are getting down to work…

About LanguageBox.co

LanguageBox.co is an English Learning website for students who learn English as a second language. General and Business English courses are available in several study levels from Beginner to Advanced.

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